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How to Prolong the Life of your Extension Hair

You want your hair extensions to last as long as possible – so do I! Nothing beats that fresh-from-the-salon feeling (especially when you’re leaving Anastasia K Salon). But the goal isn’t just to look good right after that application appointment; the goal is to keep them looking that natural and healthy for months to come.

In today’s blog post, I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last in Your Hair?

So, before I dive into my tips to extend the longevity of your hair extensions hair, let me start by answering one of the most common questions I get from clients – how long do hair extensions last in your hair?

As an NBR and IBE specialist (these are the only hair extension application methods I use as I believe they’re the BEST methods), I’ll tell you that how long the hair lasts depends on how well you take care of them outside your routine appointments. After your initial application, you should schedule maintenance appointments every 4-8 weeks (your stylist should provide you with personalized recommendations).

Caring for hand-tied hair at home is a lot like caring for your natural hair. You want to use the right products and styling tools to avoid damage to your delicate locks.

If all of the above is done correctly, from installation to maintenance, the hair should last from 6 to 12 months.

Here are some of my best practices and pro tips on everything washing, styling, and maintaining those lengthy locks.

Best Practices for Long-Lasting Hand-Tied Hair

A proper haircare routine can keep your hair extensions looking as fresh and healthy as the day you step out of our salon. Follow these best practices if you want long-lasting hand-tied hair!

Washing Your Hair Extensions - How Often to Wash Hair Extensions

This is a common question I get from clients! Though there’s no exact science as to how often to wash hair extensions, I personally recommend only washing your hair 2-3 times per week. If you over-wash your hair, you risk stripping it of its color pigment and drying it out. The more you wash, the quicker your hair color will fade. Instead, use a dry shampoo in between washes to freshen your locks without risking over-washing.

Always use products formulated for color-treated hair to protect the color from fading too quickly. Avoid harsh chemicals like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) that may cause your strands to become brittle and damaged.

Since your hair extensions don’t have the natural oil from your scalp to hydrate them, you’ll need to properly hydrate them with conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair serum, or hair oil to keep them moisturized.

If you have any brassiness in your blonde locks, use a purple shampoo. As a blonde hair color specialist, I created my specially formulated purple shampoo, Blonde Juice, for all my clients who want the best blonde results. You’ll want to use this shampoo to brighten and refresh blonde, highlighted silver, or grey hair.

Brushing Your Hair Extensions (and Choosing The Best Brush for Hair Extensions)

It’s important to note that using a regular hairbrush on your extensions can actually loosen them from their application site and cause them to slip! You’ll want to get a soft-bristle brush to prevent matting and tangles in your hair extensions. The best brush for hair extensions is the one that will be most gentle on your locks. When you brush your extensions, make sure they’re fully dry beforehand. If you want to brush your damp strands, use a special wet brush to avoid damaging them. (I’ve listed some of the best brushes for hair extensions here to make it easy for you!)

Choosing the best hairbrush for hair extensions is just the first step! Next up, protect your hair extensions from damage by carefully brushing and detangling them 2-3 times per day. This will keep pesky knots and tangles at bay while increasing the life of your extensions.

When you brush your hair extensions, start at your ends and move your way up the hair length. This way, you can detangle small sections as you move up toward the roots. Hold your roots in one hand to ease the pressure as you brush gently to prevent shedding. Be sure to brush your hair extensions downward to avoid making tangles worse.

Heat Styling Your Hair Extensions

The next crucial part of your hair care routine is how you style your extensions. Try to limit how often you use heating tools like curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers on your hair. The less you use them, the better. Hand-tied hair is real human hair, so heat styling can cause irreversible damage and dry out your strands the same way it does in your natural hair. Try some easy heatless hair styling techniques instead!

I recommend allowing your hair extensions to air dry when you can. If you blow dry them every day, it can reduce how long they’ll last as they’ll look more brittle and be more prone to breakage. Use low-heat tools on the lowest setting possible if you do use them on your hair extensions. Keep the temperature range at 350 degrees or less to minimize damage to your hair wefts, and ALWAYS apply a heat protectant spray beforehand.

Long-Lasting Locks by Anastasia K

And there you have it! Now that you know:

· How long do hair extensions last in your hair

· How often to wash hair extensions

· How to properly maintain your hand-tied hair

· The best brush for hair extensions

You’ll be able to increase the longevity of your lengthy, lustrous locks!

At my salon, I always use high-quality hand-tied hair with the IBE and NBR application methods, so all of my clients can enjoy their extensions for their most prolonged potential wear without damage to their natural hair underneath.

Find out more about these top hair extension methods here, or request your appointment at our LA hair salon now if you’re ready to bring those dream locks to life. I can’t wait to give you the hair you’ve always desired (and help you maintain it too)!


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