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You cant get dressed without them...


 low-maintenance extensions that keep the rest of your hair healthy!

Why Natural Beaded Rows

Hand tied hair- invisible beads - are hair extensions, and they're natural because they're seamless and hidden,  We love that they're an extension of your own hair.

I love being a stylist because I get to bring joy and happiness to women who thought they weren't beautiful before, and that just feels so powerful to me. This is my path, to help other people.

There are no limitations to when using hand tied weft hair extensions. There are so many options. It becomes a part of your lifestyle. You can wear your hair up. You can wear your hair down, in a ponytail, in a braid. You never see the extensions. You can add fullness. You can add length.

The best part about Hair Extensions is that we can custom blend the extensions to match your hair. Hair color is the biggest key to having extensions. It brings everything to life by creating a natural blend from your extensions to your natural color.

My  favorite part about Hair Extension transformation's is being able to help clients who have never been able to grow their hair or have extreme hair loss with balding and illness. The health benefits for using hand tied wefts and using a invisible beaded method is  that they have no adhesive, no glue, they have a minimal point of contact, less stress on your hair, the removal process is less damaging, there's less pulling, and there's less breakage.

My clients tell me that the extensions are lightweight and breathe easier.

"Anastasia is amazing. I sat in the chair, looked at pictures. She's so comforting, she asked questions to know exactly what I wanted, and throughout the whole process, she was quick, and I was involved. I knew the results were going to be amazing. I had total confidence in her."

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