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How Do Hair Extensions Work?

how do hair extensions work? West Hollywood

Ready to transform your look with hair extensions, but not sure where to start? With so many types of hair extensions to choose from, the process of deciding which method you want can be overwhelming!

Well, after you read this post, you’ll let out a sigh of relief! As a hair extension salon that brings hair dreams to life through hair extensions and custom color, we know a thing or two about the best types of hair extensions.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about how hair extensions work, and the best hair extension types, you’ll want to keep scrolling. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about the different types of hair extensions methods, how they’re applied, and how they’re removed.

What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions Methods?

hand tied hair extension types west hollywood

There are a few different types of hair extensions methods. Each one may use the same type of hair (we always use 100% real human hair at Anastasia K Salon), but the application method can vary dramatically. It’s essential to keep in mind your unique hair type, lifestyle, and the final look you want to achieve when deciding on the best types of hair extensions for you. Working with an experienced hair extensions stylist also ensures you’ll get the most natural, longest-lasting look.

Some of the most popular types of hair extensions methods include:

  • Natural Beaded Row Extensions

  • Invisible Bead Extensions

  • Tape-In Extensions

  • Clip-In Extensions

How Are Hair Extensions Attached?

So, are you still wondering, how do hair extensions work exactly? There are many application methods to choose from with the main differentiator being how hair extensions are put in.

Natural Beaded Row (NBR)

The NBR hair extensions method uses a thin string-and-bead track to attach wefts of hand-tied hair to your natural hair. The best stylists will custom color your hair extensions (rather than try to close-match them), so they blend in with your natural hair. The final look is an incredibly natural, comfortable, and versatile mane. With NBR hair extensions, you can style your locks however you want without ever having to worry about an extensions faux paus.

Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE)

Invisible bead extensions use a flexible, horseshoe-shaped beaded foundation and with a hair extensions sew in method for installation of the weft to the track. Like the NBR hair extensions, your stylist will use hand-tied hair for your IBE application for a flawless blend with your natural hair.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions use medical-grade adhesives attached to wefts of hair (can be human or synthetic). The wefts are attached in a sandwich pattern with double-sided tape with your natural hair in between. Tape-in extensions are a quick process (usually around an hour depending on your desired length and volume) though there are more limitations with styling, removal, and the lifespan of the application.

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a DIY option for hair extensions. This method uses small clips attached to wefts of hair that you can clip right into your natural hair. No stylist is required to apply these types of hair extensions. Packages typically come with wefts of multiple lengths and widths that need to be applied layer by layer at home. Clip-ins must be removed after every wear and are normally only comfortable enough to wear for a few hours at a time. Like tape-in extensions, you can choose from human hair or synthetic hair options for clip-in extensions.

How Are Hair Extensions Removed?

You might be wondering, “Are hair extensions are permanent?” No, they’re not. All methods of hair extensions eventually have to be refreshed or taken out at some point. But some types of hair extensions definitely last longer than others. For all of the types of hair extensions methods listed, except clip-in, a professionally trained stylist will need to do the application and removal to avoid damaging your natural hair. Never try to pull or cut out your own extensions!

Benefits of IBE and NBR Hair Extensions

invisible beaded row extension types

There are quite a few advantages to IBE and NBR hair extensions, which is why we only offer these two types of hair extensions methods at our luxury salon in Los Angeles. We believe in providing only the best and highest quality hair extensions methods to our clients. Our stylists will help you achieve your desired fullness and length, plus expertly color and style your new extensions to match your natural hair. After a while, YOU will even start to believe all that luscious hair is your own!

Both IBE and NBR hair extensions blend seamlessly into your hair, providing maximum comfort and versatility. Throw your hair up in a ponytail for the gym, braid it for a cute daytime look, or simply leave your hair down—you can pull off all the styles you always hoped for with IBE and NBR hair extensions!

The best part about IBE and NBR hair extensions is that they don’t use adhesives or glues at the attachment site. This has a few advantages:

  • More comfortable

  • Virtually undetectable

  • Non-damaging to your natural hair

  • Avoids pulling, weakening, or breaking of the natural hairs

Plus, they stay in longer for a quick daily maintenance and style routine. (YES please, we want all of it!)

Find The Best Types of Hair Extensions Methods at Anastasia K Salon in Los Angeles

how do hair extensions work? west hollywood

After years of working in the hair extension world, we know the IBE and NBR hair extensions methods are the only way to go!

These are the best hair extensions types for the most natural, full yet lightweight, and comfortable results. Best of all, you can achieve the hair of your dreams without the damage that comes with more traditional hair extension methods.

That’s why at Anastasia K Salon, we only offer IBE and NBR hair extensions. We custom-color all our luxury hair extensions to perfectly match, blend, or add dimension to your natural hair. Our expert stylists have the experience and knowledge to take your hair to the next level from your roots to your ends. Visit the best hair extension salon in Los Angeles, California, to step out with the hair of your dreams!


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