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How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair Color This Summer

The temperature is rising and you’re in full summer planning mode! With plenty of sun, sand, and surf come elements that can be especially harsh on lighter hair colors. All of you beach-ready blondes might be noticing some dullness and brassy hair color. To bring life back to your strands this summer, wash your hair with purple shampoo for brassy hair.

You may have seen purple shampoo before but weren’t sure how to use purple shampoo to tone your hair. Toning hair with purple shampoo is the perfect way to add shine to your light locks again (if you have hair extensions, check out our purple shampoo guide). Learn all about this vibrantly hued shampoo and its benefits on unwanted brassy hair!

Using Purple Shampoo for Brassy Hair girl with blonde hair holding purple shampoo

What Is Brassy Hair Color?

Brassy hair color is when natural or dyed blonde hair begins to take on an undesired yellow, orange, or red tone (similar to the color of brass). These warm tones show up in light color-treated hair, most often in those who have gone from dark hair and dyed to platinum or blonde. It also can occur in highlighted hair, gray hair, or dyed light brown shades.

What Causes Brassy Hair Color?

When your lightened hair color starts to fade over time, brassiness can begin to take hold of your strands. With summer on the way, warm tones can also show up in your hair from things like oxidation from the sun, the ocean’s salt water, and chlorinated pools.

If you’ve dyed your hair blonde (especially if it was recently), you’ll want to avoid getting your hair wet at the swimming pool. Chlorine can eat away at your color and leave your hair dull, dry, and prone to damage. This leads to brassy hair color taking over your perfectly blended locks.

When going for a swim in a chlorine pool or the ocean this summer, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use a scarf to wrap your hair or wear it in a top bun to avoid getting it wet.

  2. Run your hair under cool water before you take a swim to saturate your hair with fresh water (before you leave home or at a poolside or beachside shower is perfect!). This will keep it from absorbing harsh chemicals in chlorinated or salty water.

  3. If you do end up getting your hair wet, make sure to wash it thoroughly after.

Another cause of brassy hair color is the UV rays from the sun (we know – hard to avoid on hot summer days!). Sun rays can fade your hair color. Protect your hair from the harsh sun by wearing a hat, sitting in the shade, or using a UV protective hair spray.

Some things are simply unavoidable when it comes to preventing brassy hair color (like harsh chemicals in the water while you shower or air exposure to minerals). This is why toning hair with purple shampoo will come to your hair’s rescue!

Using Purple Shampoo for Brassy Hair

So, what is purple shampoo and how exactly does it work?

Purple shampoo distributes a sheer violet pigment throughout your hair to neutralize and lift brassy yellow tones. Since purple is the direct opposite of yellow in the color wheel, the two colors naturally cancel each other out, eliminating the brassiness in your strands.

Toning hair with purple shampoo works best on those with lighter hair colors, such as blonde, platinum, silver, gray, or white. It can also be useful for brunettes who have gone to a light brown or added highlights. If you have bleached blonde hair, purple shampoo will be your go-to!

purple shampoo for brassy hair

How to Use Purple Shampoo to Tone Hair

When washing your hair with purple shampoo for brassy hair, allow it to sit in your hair for 1 to minutes before you rinse it out. Use lukewarm to cool water when washing your hair. Your color can fade further from using water at high temperatures by opening the outer cuticle of your hair, which releases the pigments. Rinsing your hair with cold water helps close the cuticle and prevents fading of your hair color.

How Often Should I Tone My Brassy Hair?

Swap in a purple shampoo for brassy hair in place of your regular shampoo every couple of weeks. If your hair is in need of serious TLC from brassiness, you can use it once a week if needed and then use it less frequently as you start to see results. If your hair is dyed, alternate between using purple shampoo and shampoo for color-treated hair to preserve your color in between salon appointments.

If you start to notice a purple tone to your hair using purple shampoo, that means you’ve used too much of it or applied it too frequently. To remedy this, opt for a clarifying shampoo to remove the tone, and use your purple shampoo less often. Finding the right balance for your unique hair color and type is all part of the process. (And your stylist can always help!)

Refresh Your Locks Using Purple Shampoo

Now that you know all about toning hair with purple shampoo, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to finding the right purple shampoo for brassy hair.

At Anastasia K Salon, not only do we offer the best custom color, cuts, and luxury hair extension methods, but we also make our own natural and cruelty-free purple shampoo. Blonde Juice By Anastasia K will banish brassy hair color with rich purple pigments to keep your hair bright and strong all summer long!

It’s made in the USA without alcohol or parabens, so you know you’re getting high-quality shampoo that’s gentle on your delicate locks. Plus, added grape seed extract moisturizes your strands to seal your hair (and hair extensions!) against damage.

Take care of your strands this summer with proper hair maintenance, and add Blonde Juice purple shampoo into your routine.


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