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What Kind of Brushes Are Best for Hair Extensions?

After your hair extensions are in, it’s all about that maintenance routine. For long-lasting locks, it’s all about that hair care routine, and using the best hairbrush for hair extensions should be at the top of your priority list!

Why Do You Need a Special Brush for Extensions?

Knots and tangles are inevitable, but they can be especially problematic for hair extensions.

If you’re reaching for your usual brush for your hair extensions, think again. A regular brush can tug and pull at the hair extensions, especially if you get too close to the attachment sites. Those everyday brushes can be too harsh on the strands, causing irreversible shedding or breakage and a sooner-than-planned trip back to your stylist.

Instead, you want to use a gentle extension brush designed to work with your higher volume of hair to reduce pressure on the extension wefts and attachments. The best hairbrush for hair extensions will slide smoothly through hair to detangle without excessive snagging or pulling during brushing. It’s also important to use bristles that are softer than traditional brushes to prevent hair breakage and keep your lengthy locks intact.

But are you clueless as to what brushes are best for hair extensions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve curated this post all about the different types of hair brushes and their uses, and how to brush your extensions properly.

Best Brushes for Extensions

So, let’s get to it. What are the best hairbrushes to use for hair extensions? With so many brushes on the market, it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect type of brush that won’t cause damage to your hair extensions, especially after you’ve made the investment in those long, luscious locks.

We’ve done the work for you (minus the brushing part, that’s up to you!). Here’s our list to help you find the best hairbrush for hair extensions and keep your strands look as fresh as the day they were installed.

Tangle Teezer

best hairbrush for hair extensions

This type of brush is a must-have for anyone with hair extensions. With a unique design of two-tiered teeth, this detangling magic hairbrush eases the pressure on hair extension knots when brushing. Unlike other hairbrushes with rigid bristles, the teeth on this brush will flex over those tangles and knots, leaving nothing but smooth hair behind. (No damage and no breakage!)

The best part? It’s totally safe to use on wet hair (which is a big no-no with most other brushes). You can even use it to evenly distribute hair care products like your shampoo, conditioner, or hair masks.

The Wet Brush

Whether you’re new to hair extensions or a hair extensions vet, having a wet brush in your accessories arsenal is a MUST. Known for flexible bristles, the wet brush will easily bend and work with your strands instead of against them without ever snagging or pulling on your lengthy locks.

Hair is at its weakest when wet, so if you like to brush your freshly washed hair while wet and wild, don’t unless you’re using a special hair extensions brush like this one!

hair extensions brush

Sheila Stotts Brushes

If you’re wondering what brushes are best for hair extensions, Sheila Stotts’ line of brushes is also first-class in gently detangling any pesky knots. With options that have either metal or natural boar bristles, these brushes are sturdy enough to get rid of any extension mats or tangles without ever catching or pulling on extension attachments. Choose from more traditional flat wooden brushes or invest in various-sized, rounded oval brushes for a quicker dry and style.

The Sheila Stotts brushes are ideal for either general hair extension maintenance or for styling to create bouncy, voluminous waves with ease.

How To Properly Brush Your Hair Extensions

Choosing the best hairbrush for hair extensions is just the first step! Next up, you must follow careful techniques to keep your extensions looking their best. Protect your hair extensions from damage with these pro tips when brushing and detangling.

hairbrush for hair extensions

  • Brush your hair extensions gently and hold the roots in one hand to ease pressure on your strands and prevent shedding.

  • Start at your ends, then move your way up the hair length, detangling up until you get to your roots.

  • Brush in a downward motion and do a short section of hair at a time to avoid making tangles worse.

  • Prolong the life of your extensions by brushing your hair regularly (2 to 3 times daily is recommended).

Always Look Your Best with Anastasia K Salon

When caring for your hair extensions, using the best brushes for extensions is essential to your hair’s health. Now that you know which options to explore when shopping for the best hairbrush for hair extensions, you can search for the best hair salon for extensions near you!

Live in the LA area? Anastasia K Salon is LA’s best salon for hair extensions, custom color, and overall hair goals. Our stylists are hair extension and custom-color experts, serving up the ultimate natural looks of your dreams.

Book your appointment at our West Hollywood location for the best hair extensions in LA!


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